March 13

Toilet Paper Wars, Friday the 13th, and Black Friday


Today is Friday the 13th but it feels more like black Friday as real estate is on sale with my probate sellers.

It is obvious that things are different today. Disneyland is closing and just about every store in every town is out of toilet paper. 

There are posts all over social media of empty racks and people going nuts and fighting over the last role of toilet paper. 

That is the wrong frame of mind and the wrong thing to focus on. 

It is sensible to have a level of preparation but your best energy should be used on your work in this real estate business. 

For that reason, I am engaging in “more” conversations with “more” sellers “more” than ever.

Just today I put three properties under contract, and I don’t know maybe it’s because it seems that most other people have taken some time out from reaching out to our inherited real estate sellers, or…????

Today was like a black Friday as all of my deals were on sale.

The key word today is “more” 

I’ll admit it’s a bit weird out there, however it is not time to pull back, its time to grab all real estate with both hands (even the interest rates are on your side) 

Boost up your immune system, comfort and love those that are afraid, and keep your mind centered and focused around the opportunity that you have at hand today. 

Ernie “Not Worried about the Toilet Paper“ Vargas


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