August 15

This 13 Year Old Is Gonna Go Places In Real Estate


I read an article the other day about a 13 year old kid from Columbus, Ohio who brought a toaster and a box of pop tarts to school so he could give everyone a snack during lunch.

This was his mom’s Twitter post: “Apparently, my kid got in trouble today for PACKING OUR TOASTER IN HIS BACKPACK and pulling it out at lunch to make pop tarts for his class. I can’t stop laughing.”

He just plopped himself down next to an outlet, pulled the toaster out, and got to work. You’ve gotta appreciate this kid’s creativity. He set a goal for himself (feeding his friends an extra special snack during lunch) and figured out a way to make it happen. If this kid goes into real estate, he’s gonna go places.

Creativity is one of the most important tools you can have in your real estate toolbox. In this business, you’re gonna hit road bumps and out-of-the-box creative thinking is sometimes the only thing that will get you past it so you can close the deal.

This all reminds me of one of my most memorable deals. I had this killer deal that I had to close on fast, but I didn’t have the money. I came from pretty bleak poverty. I started in this real estate business with pretty much nothing but the “little grey cells” that were working overtime between my ears. I wasn’t about to let a lack of funding stop me from closing this deal.

Now, this was a number of years back when you could use PayPal to receive payment without them taking a huge chunk of it. So I got on the phone with a few friends to process payments from their credit cards to me – through PayPal.

Yup, I paid for a house with PayPal.

I then turned around and started the closing on that house a couple of days later. Thanks to a little creativity (and PayPal) I made an 80k profit on that house. Some people think they can’t make it big in real estate because they don’t have the money or resources. That’s completely untrue. I started with nothing but my brain and a determination to succeed. If I can do it, then so can you.

To your success,
Ernie “Pop Tarts” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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