August 10

They Raided Trump. Are You Next?

We live in a very weird world right now. I’m sure you heard about Trump’s mansion in Florida getting raided by the FBI. And everyone, including President Biden, claimed they didn’t know it was gonna happen.

Whether or not you believe that it should scare you. Government agencies seem to be drunk on power running rouge. Couple that with the deceitfully named “Inflation Reduction Act” which will give the IRS more money and power than ever before. Who else are they going to target? It seems like the government’s war on American small businesses is just getting started. Is that what Venezuela felt like before their plunge into anarchy and hyper inflation?

Are things looking sort of dark right now? Well, I painted a pretty bleak picture. It’s always darkest before the dawn. The trick is figuring out how to survive the night.

Things got pretty bad back in 2008. But my real estate business, and the businesses of my Probate Fox students, didn’t suffer at all. We were actually able to grow our real estate businesses even in those dark times while others were literally going bankrupt.

It is possible to not only survive but actually thrive if you’re smart and get ahead of the curve. Niching down into the most profitable market is more important now than ever. So what’s the best niche to get into? I might be a bit biased, but probate has served me well over the past 20+ years.

Ready to niche down even further?

To your success,
Ernie “Mr. Niche” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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