August 8

Just Stop It. You’re Embarrassing Yourself.

I love stand-up comedy. And I really respect the comedians who excel at their craft. The timing, the wit, the memory – they have a skill set I do not possess, but it’s one that I truly admire.
It’s not an easy job. Some comedians rise to the challenge and work hard to hone their skills. These are the true artists of their craft.

Then there are the bottom feeders who drop countless f-bombs and embarrass themselves by making raunchy joke after raunchy joke. I have zero respect for these people. Do they get some laughs? I guess so, but not from me. And they are nothing more than clowns on the stage with no real talent.
This all reminds me of what’s playing out in the real estate market right now. Most real estate professionals are competing solely on price. If they can outbid their competition, they will get the deal. But all they’re gonna do is price themselves right out of business. At a certain point the margins get so thin that it’s just not worth doing anymore. You might as well go out and get a day job.

But the real estate professional who approaches their seller with concern and empathy for the situation they are in sets themselves apart from all of those bottom feeders who are just competing on price.

And that’s the beauty of the probate niche. Does an inherited home seller care about price? Sure they do. But not as much as getting all of their other inheritance related problems solved. They don’t know how probate works. Their lawyer usually isn’t much help and sometimes even screw things up and make everything even messier. You need to make them understand that you’re a solid business person who understands the probate process and all of the other inheritance related things they are struggling with.

Become more than just an ordinary real estate professional. You’re better than that.
What these sellers really need is a probate super hero. Are you ready?

To your success,
Ernie “Probate Super Hero” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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