August 5

My Secret 3 Step Recipe

Wanna get more houses under contract? I’m going to share with you the exact same formula I use when talking with sellers. There’s really no gimmick or secret to it. But you do need to be a good listener.

1) Build rapport

There are piles of books written by so-called “gurus” who will tell you about their fancy closing techniques to manipulate your prospect into working with you. And then there are people who will completely overanalyze the technical side of probate and make things so complicated for the seller that they just shut down.

The truth is the real estate business is all about developing relationships and building trust. One of the most important skills you can learn is having real, personal conversations with sellers who are going through the probate process. 

2) Discover their needs (deep level, hot buttons)

Remember – it’s not about what you think they need. You need to figure out and understand what your client is going through. Get to know your seller and understand what is at stake with their particular probate. Are there any unwanted occupants or even relatives residing in the property? Is there a need for immediate cash to pay some unsettled accounts? You’ll never know any of these things unless you really get to talking to your seller.

3) Prescribe solution

Once you have a good understanding of what your seller needs, you can now become their probate doctor. Remember, they feel lost and helpless in the probate process. They want and need someone to offer a solution to their problem. Prescribe a solution specifically tailored to the problems and needs that they have.

Is it really this easy? Yes and no. This is the simple three-step recipe I use when talking with sellers. But you do need to learn the nuance. Probate is different from ordinary real estate. But if you take the time and effort to learn the ropes, the payoff is extraordinary.

To your success,
Ernie “Three Steps To Success” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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