January 3

What Did the Bird Say When He Flew Over the House…


Cheap cheap cheap,

Absolutely corny, I know, but this is my attempt at a joke and we all know that the best discountsare found in probate properties. (and that is no joke!)

I was at the Pasadena Rose Parade and there was a bird on a house on one of the floats (not an actual bird but a float) which reminded me of this corny joke.

Anyway, often times sellers seem to slow down in wanting to discuss the sale of a property in the month of December due to the holidays and their mind being preoccupied with the holiday to-dos.

Now is the perfect time to follow up and pick up where you guys last left off at with your sellers.

With the holidays behind us the reality of life‘s pressing bills starts to kick in on a sellers life.

My strategy is to do all I can to get a property into escrow or the closing table during the month of December with the reasoning that a seller can leave everything behind in the old year and start a new year with a clear mind but when they absolutely need to wait until the new year, I make sure to reach out to them early on in the first week of the month.

And this is called follow-up and follow up is king in our business.

Follow up is where the real deals are made. You see most people go through all the work of making contact, building rapport, and then they don’t follow up..


Mark, a young man that works for me. made some good contacts between Thanksgiving and Christmas but was concerned that they were not all willing to sign his purchase contract. I shared with him that what he needed to do was put them in his follow-up calendar so that when the first week of January arrives he is following up. And once he follows up then he calendars them to follow up again, all the way through until they either sell or get under contract with him.
I urge you to start following up with people if you haven’t already done so.
Don’t delay!
Put in all the work early in this month to have a strong 
first quarter. 

To your success, 
Ernie ”Corny Jokes” Vargas

P.S. Congratulations to the folks who joined us in January’s master class.
Surprise resources 5 & 6 will knock your socks off. I’ll let you know when they are uploaded.

P.P.S. It’s never to early to sign up for February’s class. Don’t leave it to the last minute or you might get locked out like some folks did for January.


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