July 11

21 Year Wedding Anniversary


I write to you with great joy today as I share that it is my 21 year wedding anniversary.

My wife has been part of my real estate journey since the very beginning and we have always tried to incorporate our kids in our business.

As they have gotten older they have become more interested and now to the point that they are part of our business in one capacity or another.

Now I don’t know if that will be where they choose to end up in their work life but all I can offer them is an opportunity to observe what it takes to be a service provider and to run a business.

Anyways enough about me, what I want to leave you with here today is to remind you to incorporate the people who are important to you in your operation.

I understand how maybe to some of you a spouse or family member might not necessarily be interested and that’s OK but at least extend that opportunity and leave that door open.

To that note my door is wide open to you as my real estate community and if you’d like to join the Probate Fox family. Please join our community email list. Sign up on the right.

To your success,

Ernie “21 Years of LOVE” Vargas

P.S. Because today is 7/11 per my kids, we must always stop by and grab a Free Slurpee at 7/11. So I’m off with the family to celebrate.


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