September 22


I’d like to share with you a conversion with my son, Ernie Jr., a couple of days ago.

Ernie Jr. is a teenage boy and with that comes the desire for independence freedom and the ability to make his own decisions. I believe it’s important that I give him room to make his own decisions, however it’s even more important that I provide guidance so that he can be prepared to make thoughtful decisions on his own that will help him find success.

Me: “Son why didn’t you turn in your school assignment?” 

Ernie Jr.: “ I don’t like that class, I don’t even know why I have to take it. I’m not interested in becoming a history major. I don’t care about getting a low grade” 

Side Note: This is my sons go to phrase every time he misses an assignment or under perform’s on any subject in school.)
Me: “ The grade doesn’t really matter and I don’t expect you to become an expert in any of these subjects unless that is something that you would want. What does matter is for you to give it your best effort. Son, I love you. And I want you to have a happy and fulfilled life.
Most of the time the grade that is issued for your assignment is just a reflection of how much you chose to apply yourself on that assignment. And it’s that application of yourself that I am really seeking from you, which is for you to be your best.
In fact, Ernie, this all reminds me of a guy I knew when I first got started in real estate.
This guy thought he was pretty well off financially, but in reality all he had was his parent’s money. He was fairly smart and pretty good looking because all the girls were certainly attracted to him. He had big dreams and always talked about all that he was going to do. However he lacked discipline, focus, and follow through. When it came down to doing the work he just did not find that to be fun. He was often distracted by a TV show or hanging out with his buddies.

When he was growing up his parents let him slip and wouldn’t give him consequences for his lack of follow through. This lack of guidance affected him all the way to his adulthood.

Today he is lost without a sense of purpose in his life and he is literally flat broke. He never followed through on the work that was required in order for him to be successful in real estate and therefore quit real estate all together.
I know that you are getting distracted by texting with your friends, and allowing any distraction to have dominance over you instead of you having dominance over your distractions. School is like working out except you are working out your brain. You are training your mind to be focused. To be disciplined. And to follow through to complete an assignment that’s been given to you.
Have pride in your work by giving it your best effort. That is what I care about because this is what will develop you to be a man who is the best version of yourself. When you are an adult you will take those habits and apply them to whatever you want to pursue You will never lack confidence and you will be much happier and much more successful in life”
My son just looked at me and said… “you are right dad I know I can do much better and I know that I allow things to distract me.”
Yesterday, he came to me to let me know he finished his school work in half the time it usually took and got the top grade in his class.
Being top of his class is no small feat. We homeschool which allows him to take classes at our local community college with adults (Ernie Jr. is only 15).
I wanted to share this with you because this is applicable to us who are pursuing real estate today.
I see so many folks who are excited about this business but they don’t treat their business like a business, they treat their business like a hobby. They are distracted by everything that is placed in front of them and at the end of the day all they have to show for it is pitiful results.
It is an amazing time to be in the probate real estate business with the $30 trillion wealth transfer happening right now at this very moment.
Unfortunately too many people have distractions or shiny object syndrome and never really get off the ground in their probate real estate business.

Stay focused, minimize distractions, and get ready to grow!

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Big Daddy” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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