October 14

A History Teacher vs. A Soccer Coach


Friday I told you about coach Edward, the soccer expert that, by the way, has taken his junior college team to state championship and in addition has private clients that are eager to get their kids on his calendar.

But the bad news is that, unfortunately coach Edward is not able to fulfill the request of those families that are willing and ready to put large sums of cash on his hands in exchange for his expertise.

I was able to get him early but as of now he has announced that he can no longer take on any private clients as he has been offered a position as a history teacher at a school that is two hours away from his house.

I couldn’t believe that he was willing to drive two hours for the sake of full time work but that he felt he needed to accept that position.

Coach Edward shared with me that he was feeling pretty discouraged because that change meant he would not be able to spend much time with his wife and child. It also meant that he could not work in the field that he most loved, which is soccer.

He will have to somehow manage a two hour commute from one school to the other on weekdays and community college team travel on the weekends.

Is all of this necessary???

Well, maybe.

Since coach Edward had not set up his private coaching service as a business, he struggled to generate a systematic flow of income and had always been at the mercy of his clients schedule.

Here is a seasoned top notch expert in his field who has all the talent but zero structure, zero systems, and zero planning and as the old saying goes….

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

My good friend and business marketing strategist Michael DeLon says…

There are 3 Stages of Business:


How and what we do to attract prospects


Process we take them from being a prospect to being a client


Retain a working relationship for life

This is something I shared with coach Edward in detail and really it’s something that applies to all of us so I asked Michael if he would share this with our group and he graciously agreed.

I’ll keep you posted on those details.

To your success,

Ernie “Soccer Dad” Vargas


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