October 11

Probate Specialist to Soccer Coach


I’m deep in the heart of AYSO soccer season with Ernie and Rebecca, my two youngest kids.

This year I decided not to coach but rather to hire a personal professional soccer coach to train my own children.

We started our training prior to the season so that we would hit the ground running…I guess both literally and figuratively.

Wow!!!! It’s so true that a specialist makes all the difference in the world as this coach took my kids to a whole new level of skill set in a record period of time.

And the truth is that we all need a coach. I currently have a coach and have had various coaches throughout my life.

A coach can not only help you improve your skill but just like in soccer the right coach can also help you get to your desired results much much faster.

So, here are two things I propose

# 1. Join me in the ProbateFox community and let me coach and help you get to your desired real estate results much faster

so that….

# 2. You become the probate specialist that makes all the difference in your inherited property seller community.

This market continues to be underserved by true specialist so this is an official call for you to fill this role.

To your success,

Ernie “Your Probate Coach” Vargas

P.S. There is a sad but important part 2 on coach Edward that I will share with you next week.


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