January 25

Are Foreign Investors on Your Buyers List


As I arrived to the LAX –Los Angeles Airport, I was notified that some prince (most likely from Saudi Arabia) had has fleet of planes parked as apparently he was in Los Angeles doing some sort of business.

I guess his planes don’t travel alone. It was quite a show.

Which reminded me how foreigners are often so interested in American real estate.

For example, throughout California, I’ve gotten quite a few offers from Chinese investors and people who are purchasing homes for their children while the kids attend college.

I caught wind to that pretty early so I have developed strategic relationships with real estate agents who are Chinese themselves and specialize in finding properties for their Foreign Clients.

As a matter of fact, they host mini presentations in China where they show them the available inventory and opportunities.

I’m now flying back to Los Angeles as I just spent the last few days in Atlanta where I connected with my real estate team and had a strategy session with them.

It’s amazing how there are so many people that live in Atlanta that are from neighboring states. What’s even more interesting is the growth of foreigners from around the world.

As I pay close attention, a lot of these foreigners are parking their money in Atlanta as they see American land as a safe investment.

This is a common theme for my team in Texas, Ohio, and Florida. So I really encourage you to build your buyers list to find the agents who tailor their service to Foreign Investors as they have regularly paid over market value for properties.

To your success,

Ernie “Building Teams” Vargas


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