January 28

Vagrant Cardboard Marketing

Bill is a homeless man whom I met today.

He shared with me how it’s so important that he gets his message across to people.

His message is basically that he needs financial support so that he can eat.

His cardboard tag-line, is his marketing message and it got me to respond and provide him with some ca$h.

Across the street was another homeless man with just as much need as the first man but he had no sign and no real effort to capture the incoming traffic’s attention and therefore he had an empty stomach and empty collection bucket.


I share this with you because it’s all around us…. marketing, and the effort that is placed in achieving the results we want.

It’s a very basic message and one that you already know but it’s a reminder that the more that we get out there and ramp up our activity (in conjunction with a message that speaks to a qualified audience) is what will more often provide us the results that we are seeking.

Marketing is so important that even the vagrant folks are paying attention to it.

So as a real estate professional, who are some of the qualified people whom you should position yourself in front of ?

What is the message that will grab the attention and resonate ….(this part is very important) and set you apart from everyone else?

In your niched direct mail probate marketing campaign you need to answer these questions.

  1. THE TARGET AUDIENCE: Probate and Estate planning attorneys
  2. THE MESSAGE: Why they should open your letter and why it’s in their best interest to respond to your call to action
  3. THE IMPORTANT PART THAT ALMOST EVERYONE MISSES: Standing apart from your want-to-be competitors. If you truly want your letter to be opened, read, and responded to; then you must stop being just another investor, wholesaler, agent, broker etc… You must position yourself as the obvious option. Probate and inherited real estate are no longer the secret niche that no one knows about. Listen twenty years ago, I was definitely one of the few investors buying and speaking on probate but today there are many who have self-appointed themselves as experts with just a few deals under their belt and at best a few years in the business. Unfortunately, none specialize in this market, and that’s the keyword specialize in. They teach theory without life experience and for those that buy into their programs end up sending the same direct mail piece as everybody else. The result is prospects getting the same copy and paste letter from many people. The good news for you is that you have me and you have the opportunity to position yourself as a category of one.

I look forward to teaching you how you can create your own personalized attorney direct mail campaigns that get opened and responded to. I will have samples that I’ve created and samples that sellers have handed me from other agents and investors. This is a one of a kind valuable class that is not found anywhere at all on the planet.

Where else do you get somebody with 20+ years of experience in running an investment, brokerage, property management, and real estate education company.

To your success,

Ernie “With a Full Stomach and a Full Bucket” Vargas

P.S. Bill at this moment is down on his luck but he and I chatted it up in regards to marketing and he authorized our photo together and loved the idea about including him in today’s email.


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