January 31

How to Effectively Win Attorneys As Your Referral Source

One month ago we were getting ready to welcome in the new year.

Most people had set goals and plans to make this their best year ever.

The beauty about a new year is that it is a fresh start with an opportunity to dream big.

So, now that we are one month into the first quarter of the year it is the perfect time for you to evaluate how you are doing.

If you are not exactly on track, don’t worry.

Know that you have me in your corner and we can work on that.

The first thing that we need to look at is your lead source and what is your likelihood of converting that lead into a sale.

Are you working smarter or harder?

Too often people are:

One or two tweaks away from success and unfortunately many give up to early and it shouldn’t be that way.

Which is why… …..one of my most coveted lead sources is…

Attorneys as a referral source

Most investors and agents have the opposite effect on attorneys as they tend to set themselves up in a desperate, needy posture.

And that honestly turns off just about anybody.

Even though they mean well, they are definitely working harder and not smarter.

The probate market has changed.

Take it from me someone who has successfully been in the business for over 20 consecutive years.

At one time, my only lead source was the petitioner.

As the internet age expanded probate became a common niche and many entered the market and although most did it wrong, it still brought an added level of new players.

I began to campaign to probate attorneys about 10 years ago.

Since then, year in and year out I have generated countless deals from referring attorneys and perfected my system in making it easy for attorneys to pick up their phone and call me and practically beg me to liquidate the property in the decedents estate.

But this isn’t about me it’s actually all about you because now it’s your turn to learn to be the go to referral source for all attorneys with clients for whom their

-Real estate is tied up in probate

-Real estate property is held in a living trust

-Inherited houses


This is your opportunity to step in and create your own unfair advantage in the wide open attorney lead referral source for probate and, really all things real estate.

We are going to go over…

-Specifically what attorneys to work with and which ones not to work with

-Where to find attorneys that will work with you

-Creating a letter that gets opened and responded to…

Unlike many out there who have the right intentions and take a crash course from some self proclaimed “probate guru” and unfortunately they end up with the same old, tired, and burned out letter that every Tom, Dick, and Harriet is using.

This is why you must strike now while the iron is hot! Your time is short.

To your success,

Ernie “Attorney Leads” Vargas


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