February 28

Digital Marketing for Probate Real Estate Professionals


I’m a big believer in ongoing education and training.

I’ve been attending seminars, workshops, trainings, and a participant of multiple masterminds for the last 20 years.

As a matter fact, I just came back from an event that I attend annually called Traffic and Conversion which was held in San Diego, California.

The event is mainly focused around the digital marketing world.

It was a great event, as always!

What was also good is the networking and the opportunity to hang out with friends and colleagues from different business walks. We get to exchange what is and isn’t working within our businesses which brings so many new ideas. It’s incredible all I get from these events. My team always comes back inspired.

Not only do I attend educational trainings but I also teach and train throughout the entire year.

By attending so many different conferences and networking with so many different business owners, I have an opportunity to share with you the results I get from implementing the strategies I learn.

My goal is to bring as much value to you as possible so that you can shortcut your path to the result that brings you the desired success.

To your success,

Ernie “ Always Learning” Vargas


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