February 22

How to Close More Deals and Make More Money


Nobody goes into business to lose money and we certainly shouldn’t be in business to just barely get by.

A real estate business, if operated well, can do a lot of good things for those that you provide a service to and in return compensate you very nicely.

Like the Famous late Zig Ziglar would say

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

I created this video for you, where I share how I helped a seller get the highest price that the market would pay.

I would have loved to purchase this house, however the sellers desired price was too high for a fix and flip and as a wholesale it just would not make sense.

The strategy that always makes the most sense is to help the seller get what they want and in this case it was retail price.

Here is what I did: I assessed the sellers needs, reasons, and plans for the sale of their 40 year owned house.

Here is what I discovered: The sellers wanted less maintenance. They wanted to purchase a new house in a retirement friendly community with the sale of their existing house.

Here is how I helped: I hired and managed the packing and moving company. I sold their house to a creative builder that paid substantially more then any buyer would have paid.

I searched, found, leased, and moved my sellers into a temporary senior luxury apartment.

I located the sellers dream house and with their cash in hand negotiated and helped the sellers become buyers.

The neat thing that occurred (and I want for this to happen to you)…

is that I made some incredible new friends who gave me raving reviews and recommendations to their elderly friends whom have similar interests.

I earned about $50,000 in just under 5 hours of actual work split over the course of a few months by helping these sellers get exactly what they want.

This kind of a transaction happens in the real estate community with my students and I and the good news is that it’s available to you as well.

To your success,

Ernie “Helping People Get What They Want” Vargas

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