October 18

Drive It Till It Dies


Loyalty is important to me. I’m loyal to my family. I’m loyal to my friends. And apparently I’m loyal to my car.

I’ve been driving our Cadillac Escalade ESV for years now. And I’m the kind of guy who will drive a car until it dies. Our Escalade is getting on in years now and repairs are getting a bit costly. But like I said, I’m loyal.

When I bought it, we needed the room for our growing family. It takes a lot of space to haul four kids and their friends around town, not to mention all the stuff we pack in for vacation.

But something unexpected happened to the Vargas family. I was so busy living life I didn’t realize that eventually kids grow up and our families need change. Our oldest got married this past summer and our other kids are still home but busy becoming adults.

So I did something that was difficult for me. I had to sell the Escalade. It was like selling off a member of our family. It’s weird, but it was hard to do.

So now we’re toting our slightly smaller family around in our new Honda Pilot.

Once upon a time, I sold cars for a living so I know a bit of the behind the scenes of what goes on at a dealership and let me tell you, the people I dealt with yesterday did a phenomenal job.

The young guy who sold us the car was right on point. He was patient, yet assertive. I loved how hungry he was for success.

And then I moved to the finance manager – we became instant friends. These two guys weren’t sitting around waiting for opportunity to fall in their laps. They were making it happen.

As we chatted, I learned that the finance manager, who was a surprisingly young guy considering his role, also had a couple of side businesses. One of them is a party rental service that he said basically runs itself. He said everyone needs help throwing parties so he created a business to fill a need in the market. And as a result, that business has taken off.

Then we started talking about real estate. I could tell he had a hidden passion for real estate by his excitement. By the time we were done talking, he said he learned more in the 30 minutes we chatted than what he had learned from hours of watching youtube videos.

I do tend to be an open book when I talk about my real estate business.

To your success,
Ernie “New Ride” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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