August 25

Ernie Vargas – Future Astronaut


The Vargas family celebrated a huge accomplishment this week. My son, Ernie Jr., went for his Eagle Board of Review and passed with flying colors. He’s now officially an Eagle Scout!

I grew up fatherless on the streets of L.A. which meant as a youth I spent my free time getting into trouble instead of working toward such a lofty goal.

Watching my son work so hard to earn his merit badges, put in long and difficult service hours, take on leadership roles throughout the scouting organization and finally passing his board of review has been an overwhelming experience for me.

I’m not too proud so I’ll admit that Ernie’s growth into the man he has become has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion.

Did you know that most of the famous astronauts have all achieved the rank of Eagle Scout? Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Guion Bluford are just a few.

I don’t think Ernie’s passion is in outer space at the moment, but the qualities and traits required to become an Eagle Scout will serve him well in life regardless of what he ends up pursuing.

So many people just give up so easily when the going gets tough nowadays.

And this is especially true in real estate. And even if they don’t give up, they’ll try to find an easy button that the “gurus” promise will land them tons of deals. There’s always a shiny new object they’re chasing after. Maybe it’s a new google ad hack, texting secret, or way to use a.i.

The problem with all of these so-called solutions is that they are temporary. As soon as everyone else jumps on the easy button bandwagon, the edge is gone.

It used to be you could milk that new hack for a while, but the internet is just making everything move so much faster so you’ll be lucky if you get more than a couple of good months out of it.

Probate on the other hand requires an investment in yourself. A computer can’t have the personal conversations that develop the trust required to help these families out.

And that’s why I love this niche. I get to have meaningful conversations with people who genuinely need my help. That takes dedication and empathy – two things most people seem to be lacking at this moment in time.

Here’s the real kicker – probate deals are some of the fattest, most profitable deals in any real estate niche. That means I get to make way more while working way less.

Let all those “ordinary investors” fight over the scraps of ordinary deals. Live your best life by mastering the probate niche.

To your success,
Ernie “Proud Papa” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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