December 26

Greetings from Hollywood


Greetings from Hollywood, California.

I took my family on a day trip to Hollywood today. There’s nothing like being a tourist in your own backyard. We started off with the Mann’s Chinese Theater where I got to show the kids the Hollywood Movie Stars from years gone by. Personally those are my favorites. People like Julie Andrews, Dick VanVan Dyke, Shirley Temple, etc. And like most typical major cities tourist spots, we were surrounded by street performers.

It’s always cool to see the street demonstrators in action, as they are hustling to earn their pay and excited to perform. There were so many street performers and each one has to try to grab our attention. Some of them knew how to position themselves by the costumes they wore or the “show” they put together to draw attention. Being in the real estate world, is not different. We have to know how to grab the attention of our prospective sellers. What can we say or do that will make us stand out from every other real estate professional trying to grab their attention? That will be a topic I cover in a future masterclass.

To your success,

Ernie “Hollywood Tour Guide” Vargas

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