December 27

Nope I’m Not a Hollywood Tour Guide

I had a great conversation with one of my email subscribers today as she asked, “Are you really a tour guide?” I told her, “No that was just my silly closing, LOL.”

However, if you are one of my coaching students and you’re in LA for a visit or coaching, then I have been known to take my students on tours of this fun city…Hint, hint 😉

Anyways, the current masterclass subscribers and I had a great call this morning. I got input on what people are interested in hearing and developing in their business. We talked about what has worked in my business and some of the folks shared what has worked in their business in 2018. We were also very intentional to discuss habits, as habits determine your actions, and your actions determine your results, which lead us to what is NOT working for us in our business and how we should immediately stop doing those things.

We also covered the element of direct mail marketing mixed in with copywriting and how we position ourselves far apart from the copy and paste letters out there.(yes, there is a difference between the right letter and the wrong letter). For example, if your in the probate space and you are sending out letters…. then -BE CAREFUL. Below is a batch of letters that I just got back from one of the sellers from my so called “competitors”. All of these letters basically end up in the the garbage can. You need to be different.

Listen I’ve been doing probate for almost 20 years and long gone are the days when I was the only probate guy in town. But that’s OK because what I observe is that sadly, the majority of people that come into the marketplace are following probate speakers who are teaching theory without real-life-out-on-the-field experience. This is where you can gain an advantage by working with me, I will actually teach you what really works today in probate and in real estate as a whole and we will get into some deep topics that will take your business to the levels it should be- in 2019.

I look forward to growing with you in 2019 and having you be part of the Probate Fox family!

To your success,

Ernie “Not a Tour Guide” Vargas

P.S. Here is a picture of the batch of letters that I picked up from a recent seller.


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