November 17

Help Wanted-Drug Mule

There’s a show on some of the popular streaming channels called Narcos.

Have you seen it? It’s a drama based on Columbian drug czar Pablo Escobar.

The show lasted 3 seasons and was so huge internationally, that a lifesize hourglass filled with a ton of Columbia’s finest foo foo dust (that’s street slang for cocaine) was constructed in Paris on Champs-Elysées Avenue to promote the countdown to the last season.

I know, it sounds made up. But google says it’s real.

So what does this have to do with real estate?

It comes as no surprise that drug cartels are always in need of fresh recruits to work as dealers, enforcers, and drug mules.

They leveraged the popularity of the show Narcos to glamorize the drug business piggybacking it with social media posts promising luxury cars, jewelry, fame, and fortune.

It is horribly sad that people both young and old fall prey to the vultures in the drug trade, but there is a lesson in this.

How many tv shows are out there that feature the flipping of houses? I mean there are four Flip Or Flop spinoffs alone!

Sellers like to think they know our business. Use that to your advantage and make them feel like their part of the process.

I always try to get the seller to tour the home once my team is done with a remodel. I want the seller to know that it’s my job to bring back the beauty of their family house so a new family can build the same beautiful memories that they had created over the years with their loved ones.

Is it sort of sappy? Maybe. But it’s so true and it resonates with sellers in a very deep way.

And it’s gratifying for me to be able to provide not only financial relief to the seller by selling the property but true happiness for everyone involved.

Probate is so much more than putting up signs that say “Buying Homes For Cash”. Leave those pathetic tactics to the amateurs. The secret is to learn how to connect with real people.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Say No To Drugs” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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