December 9

He’s Gonna Lose Everything He Has in Less Than 5 Years


If you didn’t know it already, I’ll say it again. I’m not a fan of the lottery. It’s a scam that steals billions of dollars from society’s poorest and most vulnerable members.

Here’s one quick example of what I mean.

Earlier this week a guy from South Carolina walked into a gas station, bought a bunch of scratch-off cards and won 15 bucks. He then decided to use his prize money to buy another, more expensive lottery ticket.

The lucky fella ended up winning 375,000 from that ticket!

Sounds like my original hypothesis is proven wrong? Well, he said, “I always said if I hit it big I wouldn’t play anymore. But I think I’ll play every once in a while.”

Yeah, that money is going to be gone in no time. Did you know that about 70 percent of lotto winners lose or spend all that money in five years or less?

It drives me nuts because if these people would just put their time, money, and energy into building themselves up instead of chasing after the “easy money”, they could become self-made millionaires.

I used to be where they were. Dead broke – actually worse than broke. I had a wife and kids and a never-ending pile of bills that I had no way of paying. But I knew deep down that God had created me for more than that. I think we all know this is true.

But you’ve gotta be brave and bold to break free from thinking the only way out is to strike it big somehow.

The new year is coming up quickly. Start figuring out what goals you want to achieve in 2023. Write them down. And then create a plan on how you’re going to achieve those lofty goals.

And one last thought – regardless of what the news is saying, a recession is upon us. The best way to not only survive but thrive during the coming economic turmoil is by picking a niche.

To your success,
Ernie “Work For It” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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