January 7

I Can Outlast a 20 Year Old


Unlike most real estate coaches, I actually practice what I preach.

In addition to helping real estate investors get started and grow their business, I am an active investor myself.

And what I really love about that side of the business is mentoring young people who work for me.

Earlier this year I had a 20 year old young guy who was working the phones for me. We’d have our weekly meetings on Monday morning and he’d get all pumped up and start telling about everything he was going to do that week to get more deals under contract.

His enthusiasm would last for about a day. Well, maybe a day and a half on a good week. He reminded me of one of those fourth of July fountain fireworks my kids love so much. When you light him up, he would put on a damn impressive show for a minute or two and then fizzle out.

In the end, I had to let him go. He wasn’t in it for the long game. He had no endurance.

I really enjoyed working with him because of his excitement and fast imagination of what is possible for them in business.

But it seems that more and more young people just can’t last in this, or from what others have told me, any businesses.

I may be creeping up on 50, but I can outlast these young bucks.


A big part of it is mindset. But it’s not the only part. There are four key factors you need to align to have real, long-term success in real estate.

I stumbled upon them years ago when I was in my 20’s and they have allowed me to work when I want to work and play when I want to play. I’ve lived life on my terms doing what I want when I want for the past 22 years.

What are those four things that will help you grow your business bigger and faster than you ever imagined?

I hate to be a tease, but I’ve got a bit of a story behind them and this email is long enough. I’ll tell you everything on Monday.
Committed to your success,
Ernie “49 Is The New 20″ Vargas | The Probate Fo


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