March 17

Inherit Your Own Estate


Today I’m meeting with an elite group of probate real estate investors, brokers, and agents. They are members of my La Familia coaching group and we get together a couple of times a year in person to work on scaling their real estate businesses through probate.

But it can’t be all work, right?

We kicked off this week’s meeting by going to the Magic Castle here in L.A. together last night. It was an amazing time together – there’s so much you can learn about others over a glass of good wine and some laughs.

The Magic Castle has some of the best magicians. And last night was no exception.

One of the performers mixed in a healthy dose of comedy into his act. And one joke had all of us probate experts in stitches.

He said:

I believe in reincarnation. Do you want to know why? Because I decided to leave everything to myself in my will. Then when I die, I am going to leave my full inheritance to myself!

Now that’s a probate joke if I ever heard one!

But now I’ve gotta go. We are getting ready for a full day packed with strategizing on how to scale their probate businesses.

It’s cool to see where all of these elite probate players are. But remember, they all started at the beginning and progressed through their probate real estate journey, just like you. They became experts in the probate niche through the Probate Growth Accelerator coaching program. And now they’re working on creating generational wealth for their families.

So cool!

To your success,
Ernie “Grow Big” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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