September 25

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First Before Helping Others


As a husband and father, I tend to most often think of my family first before I think of myself.

And as great as that may sound there is one problem with this behavior. That is if I am taking care of others to the extent that I am not taking care of myself then that can be detrimental to my health, my finances, and even in my relationships.

When you’re on an airplane, the flight attendant instructs you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping others. I believe this is an important metaphor for those of us who go about our life taking care of everything and everyone so much so that we eventually don’t get around to taking care of our own selves.

If you are a real estate investor or an agent then you know how tough our life can be.

I mean we’re constantly prospecting and doing everything that we can to maximize our efforts and at times that may mean overworking, not getting enough rest, exercise, or quality time with our loved ones.

If this is happening to you then I plead for you to…STOP!

It’s a very dangerous lifestyle to live and it really doesn’t serve you or your loved ones in the end.

The best way to not fall trap to that behavior is to be as efficient as possible.

And naturally the next question should be

“How do I Become Efficient?”

Well, as it pertains to our real estate business one of the most important things that you must have when you are making contact is a motivated seller who needs and wants your service.

This is, of course, why I love the inherited and probate business so much!

But while I know it to be a source of the most qualified pool of sellers, I also happen to know that so many folks never make it past the first batch of leads.

This is usually due to the fact that when people are making contact with these motivated sellers they are going about it all wrong by using the wrong tone, the wrong words, and all while lacking an understanding for what their prospect is really going through.

For example I was on the phone with one of my students last week so that I could listen into his conversation with his sellers.

One thing I noticed is that he was approaching the topic of the sale of the house in a very needy and desperate tone.

He was using the words, “I am sorry for calling”, “I am sorry to take your time”, etc.

We want to be careful about the language that we are using and that is definitely an example of the wrong thing to say.

Now listen, I’ve been in this business a long time and never have I seen so many people label themselves as “probate experts” and yet have no clue as to how to hold a conversation with these inherited property sellers.

Hmmm, this really makes me think that it’s very important that I share with you the words and the scripts that will be used as a template for you to maximize your conversations with your sellers.

To your success,

Ernie “Got My Mask On” Vargas


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