September 27

Age Discrimination Even Though he Was a Best-Selling Author


There is talent everywhere around us.

However most do not know how to really use what they have.

My Uber driver this morning had an amazing story about that specific subject.

He shared with me how he was a best-selling author of not one but four books. He was in the Real Estate Development Business For over 40 years. Throughout that time he wrote four books that made it to the top of his industry. He was the recognized authority; however, he never ever did anything to capitalize on his life’s work.

Yes, he wrote the books and yes he got a pat on the back but did that ever convert to real money? No!

So the company that he worked for closed due to his boss’ retirement and because of his age he has not been able to find new work.

This gentleman knows his business like nobody else but he is experiencing what we call age discrimination and all the would-be jobs are only hiring the younger applicants.

The reason I share this with you is because I believe that he has the ability to get himself out of this problem especially because he understands and knows the art of the written word.

Unfortunately, talent alone without guidance and direction will never get you to the finish-line that you may be looking for.

My new Uber driver friend and I had a long conversation about honing in on a tighter target audience and how he could position himself differently by making the best use of keywords that are relevant to his industry.

He was fascinated to hear all about my side of the real estate industry and how there are trigger words that help to push along a sale of a property and how at the same time without the knowledge of such words many poor folks lose out on the opportunity to purchase a great number of probate homes.

To your success,

Ernie “Talent Scout” Vargas


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