July 29

Remember That Time They Fired Steve Jobs?


In 2005, Steve Jobs gave the commencement speech for Stanford University. If you haven’t heard this speech before, do yourself a favor and google it right now. There’s a reason it has become the most watched commencement speech in history.

It’s undeniable that Steve Jobs was a visionary. The success he created out of thin air is nothing short of magical. But his path to success was littered with failure. Jobs talks about how those failures didn’t tear him down, but built him up, leading him to create so many iconic developments that have become part of who we are.

Jobs’ life resonates with my own life journey. I have been hit with so many disastrous failures and ended up at rock bottom more times than I would like to admit. But those seemingly negative situations have served me well in my real estate career. Like Steve Jobs says, we just never know how any circumstance that challenges us will serve us in the future. You can’t connect the dots when you are living through it. You can only connect them by looking backward.

When Steve Jobs started Apple way back in 1976, he was a college dropout and was boot-strapping the entire business out of his parent’s garage. Eventually, he was fired from his own company by his own board of directors in 1985. Although he felt like running away and giving up, he used these failures to build him into the man who would eventually retake the reins of Apple growing it into the behemoth that it is today. And he did some other cool things along the way like co-founding Pixar!
How can someone overcome so much adversity and failure? Jobs credits his love for his work. What do you love about real estate? For me, I love the challenge of the deal and the conversations I get to have with so many interesting people.

Where does your passion lie?

To your success,
Ernie “Lovin’ Real Estate” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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