December 19

Roadkill on the Grill


When I travel, I love to get to know the locals. And not just when I’m traveling abroad – just as every part of the world is different, America is so vast that every part of our great country is different too.

Since I was in Florida last week, I thought it might be a good opportunity to pick the brain of a local.

As we were chatting, she shared with me what Florida’s version of real country living looks like. And it involves barbecues with some alligator tale, frog legs, key lime pie, and some good coon.

I was completely clueless as to what she meant by good coon, so I dug a little deeper. It turns out they like to grill up raccoons!

And you’re not gonna find it in a meat market. This Florida delicacy has to be procured with a rifle.

So the next obvious question was, “What does raccoon taste like?”

Her answer? Chicken.

It’s funny how powerful metaphors are to describe things that people have trouble understanding on their own.

They are powerful tools because our brains are wired for images, and metaphors are pictures in words.

Metaphors are like shortcuts that allow your audience to better understand what you’re trying to explain.

Think about how you can use this powerful tool in real estate. If you paint the right picture by using a metaphor, you can help your prospects make faster decisions.

To your success,
Ernie “Tastes Like Chicken” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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