December 16

Is Bigger Always Better?


Yesterday in Berlin, Germany, a massive aquarium standing over 46 feet tall, holding a quarter million gallons of water and 1,500 fish exploded sending a wave of fish, water, and glass through its hotel lobby and into the streets of Berlin.

It is, or I guess was, the biggest cylindrical aquarium in the world.

Luckily, the mishap happened in the early morning hours so only two people were injured, but the carnage could have been much worse if it had happened just an hour or two later when the hotel lobby was sure to be bustling with activity.

I’ve never been to Berlin (yet) but I’m sure it was an amazing sight to see.

But obviously bigger is not always better. Bigger comes with inherent problems and issues. Much harder to maintain and way more risks.

The same is true with real estate.

A lot of people think the way to strike it rich in real estate is to work your butt off closing as many deals as possible by building a huge team.

Huge volume and massive teams means a lot of work, lots of mouths to feed, and lots of moving pieces that can break down at any moment.

Call me crazy, but I prefer quality over quantity. Working smarter rather than harder. That’s why I love probate. High margin deals, motivated sellers, less time working, and more time with family.

But if you want to strike it rich, you’ve gotta know how to do it right. The biggest mistake investors, brokers, and agents make when it comes to probate is approaching it like they do with all their other ordinary leads.

Families going through probate have all kinds of problems they are dealing with. Show up just to buy or list their house and you’ll be going home empty-handed.

Wanna live big? Start thinking small. Think probate.

To your success,
Ernie “Living Big” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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