December 20

The Homeless Security Guard


This weekend I took the family out to see the musical Hamilton at the famous Pantages Theater.

Right on both sides of the street from the theater is the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. I’m sure you’ve seen this on TV before – this is where the stars have their sidewalk square with their own star right in the pavement.

One of the stars in the sidewalk is for a famous Mexican mariachi singer Vicente Fernández — nicknamed “El Chente”.

Never heard of him?

El Chente may be unknown to the masses, but he does have a cult like following. I mean, the guy did sell over 50 million records over the course of his career.

Anyhow, due to his recent death his raving fans have been gathering to honor his legacy by lighting candles, singing songs, and drinking copious amounts of alcohol.

Enter the homeless security guard.

Someone once told me that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

As we look across the street to take in the celebration of El Chente, we notice a homeless guy who had prepared for this event by procuring a shirt and cap that read “SECURITY”. The opportunity he found involved all of the alcohol around him.

Now, he didn’t tell anyone he was security, but he took advantage of the assumed ruse by confiscating everyone’s alcohol for his own personal consumption!

Homelessness and alcoholism is no laughing matter. And we prayed for that unfortunate soul as a family later that day, but you do have to respect his foresight and resourcefulness.

There is never a lack of opportunity.

The only thing limiting you is your own limiting beliefs.

Choose to be resourceful.

Choose to educate yourself.

Choose to take action.

Choose to create the life that you want to have.

This is what I help real estate investors do. If you feel stuck and want to make more while working less, let me know.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “El Chent’s #1 Fan” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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