December 17

Ronald McDonald, Real Estate Investor?


Growing up, my mom didn’t have a lot of money. In fact, when my mom was pregnant with me, she was literally homeless.

Over time her financial situation slowly improved, but it was never that great.

For mom and I, going to McDonald’s was literally fine dining. I used to LOVE their Chicken McNuggets. If it was a really special day, mom would let me get a 20 pack of nuggets!

But I’ve always been mesmerized by the founder of Mcdonald’s, Ray Kroc.

Do you know his story? He started his career in the restaurant industry selling mixers for milkshakes. But he was a true pioneer in the industry and saw what no one else could. He single-handedly gave birth to the fast-food industry with his McDonald’s franchise.

What I find most fascinating about Ray is how his vision was so far above and beyond everyone around him.
Years after he created his massive fast food empire, he was speaking to a group of MBA students when Ray asked the group what business they thought he was in. Their response? They unanimously declared he was in the hamburger business.
No, he replied, “My business is real estate.”

Could he have had a comfortable job selling hamburgers his whole life? Sure. But he knew the key to creating his fast-food empire was not hamburgers, but real estate.

And this brings us to you.

Sure, you buy and sell houses. But in order to create the success that got you in this business in the first place, the success you and your family deserve, it is priority numero uno that you know the real business you are in.
It’s not real estate. and it’s not hamburgers. It’s marketing.

Creating a message that not only resonates with your target market but also makes you their one and only choice is step one.

Getting that message in front of all those people who desperately need you to be their knight in shining armor is step two.

Step three is where the actual real estate business comes in – this is where you do what you know how to do best – helping them with their real estate problems.

So what business are YOU in?

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Mr. McNugget” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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