July 12

Today is National Probate Prospect Day?


Every now and again, I search online to see what national holiday it is. There are some really weird ones like National Cuddle Up Day (January 6th) or National Blueberry Popsicle Day (September 2nd).

Today may not technically be National Probate Prospect Day, but it is New Conversations Day. And that’s just about as close of a fit as you’ll get.

See, the point of New Conversations Day is to have real, meaningful conversations with people that go beyond talking about just sports or weather.

Figuring out the specific struggles that someone going through probate is dealing with is the secret sauce to connecting with them. 

Having real conversations with them (beyond just telling them you’re sorry for their loss and asking if you can buy their inherited property) is one of the keys to not only getting more properties under contract but also to creating the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

I mean, that’s why you got into real estate investing in the first place, right?

And if you’re not an active real estate investor yet, there’s a flood of wealth transfer that’s about to take place (30 TRILLION to be precise) and NOW is the time to position yourself right in front of the tidal wave that’s about to hit.

And this is NOT going to be a short-lived event. My inside industry experts tell me it’s gonna last for a full 20 years!

Just keep moving because if you’re not moving forward, you’re most likely falling behind.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Talkin’ About Probate” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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