January 8

Too Many Tamales


Did you parents have a book or story they would read to you every Christmas?
In our family, we have a book we would read the kiddos when they were younger every year. It was all about the aftermath of having made tamales during Christmas.And because our family’s tradition has always been to make tamales on Christmas Eve, which inevitably turns into a massive “Tamale Festival” – we always invite tons of friends and family over and teach them how to make tamales making sure they have a big batch to take with on their way home.
By the end of the evening, we all ended up tamaled out because, quite frankly, we just had way too many tamales!
A few days ago I shared with you our tradition with the rosca and the fact that whoever ends up with the baby Jesus figurine would have to host the next tamale festival.
Well, this year my mother got the figurine and her response was “OH NO… TOO MANY TAMALES!” She wisely opted to make lasagna instead lol!
Although I’ve obviously been super busy making (and eating) delicious tamales over the holidays here at Tamale Ranch, we’ve also been busy working on a bunch of top secret marketing methods to maximize inherited lead lists.
I’m talking about Facebook ads, cold calling, and direct mail marketing campaigns.And the results? Not only are we are having some great conversations with the heirs of these properties, but we’re also lining them up for the closing table.
Committed to your success,
Ernie “Too Many Tamales” Vargas
The Probate Fox


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