January 6

Hope to Sweet baby Jesus you don’t have to buy the tamales…


January 6th is a special day in the Vargas household.
We have some fun traditions we celebrate which involve cake, tamales, gifts and a little bit of Spanish.
In fact, every one of my kids gets a gift today because today we celebrate…Día de Los Reyes Magos (Three kings day)
Día de los reyes magos (three kings day) is a celebration also known in the Christian faith as epiphany. On this day we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and it also commemorates the tres Reyes magos (magi/three wise men) having brought gifts to baby Jesus.
Throughout many Hispanic homes in the world, the celebration is “crowned” with a rosca de reyes (kings cake). Rumor has it that in Mexico city the town gets pretty excited with a mile long rosca, and in Southern California we have some of the worlds best Panadería‘s (bakeries) baking up the most delicious roscas that you can ever imagine.
I picked up my rosca this morning and had a conversation with the Panadero (baker). He said every year gets busier, and this year it looks like he’s gonna break a record – he already has over 400 pre-orders and expects about that same amount in walkins.
That’s over 800 cakes!
Each rosca is about $50 so if you do the math you’ll see that it’s not a bad days work. Goes to show that the money is still out there and is still being circulated even during this pandemic.
Every Rosca has a baby Jesus figurine baked into the cake, and this year apparently baby Yoda’s have been appearing in the Roscas made in Texas.The tradition goes that whoever finds themselves with the little figurine inside of there slice must throw a celebratory party providing free tamales for everyone in the group!
The last part of this tradition is that kids are to leave their shoes outside of the front door and in the morning they will wake up to shoes stuffed with gifts. We have followed that tradition for every one of my kids – even our adult kids. It’s something I grew up with and some thing I wanted to pass on to my children.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “stuffing shoes with gifts” Vargas
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