June 8

The Guy that Scratched His Head to Poverty

We can’t always control the circumstances or obstacles that we are presented with in our life; however, we have the ability to adjust our plans in order to stay on track to achieve our end goals.

This year has been very much about adjusting and shifting our plans but that doesn’t mean that our goals have to shift as well.

The late and famous American country singer and entrepreneur Jimmy Dean once said, 

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sail to always reach my destination.”

I would like to share with you a story of two guys that reached out to me right before the beginning of COVID-19.

Both of these guys had previously experienced some success in real estate but neither of them were satisfied with the results they had accomplished and they both knew that they could do so much more with their business. 

These two guys did not know each other but coincidentally both of them had just set a goal to reach their highest profit potential in probate and both made a verbal commitment to enroll in my REI Leadership Academy ProbateFox program.

Then COVID was announced. 

Both were considered essential workers and remained employed as one was in law-enforcement and the other was in the medical industry.

The first guy got spooked. He asked me a lot of questions went back-and-forth talking about the economy and the possibility of a real estate market crash.

These are legitimate concerns and things that we should be thinking through yes, but they are not things that should hold us down from moving forward on obtaining our end goal that we have set out to achieve.

At the end of the day, this first guy chose to hold back and take the wait-and-see approach. 

He said he would revisit any real estate ventures sometime in the future but for right now he felt his best action would be to sit this out.

The second guy decided to move forward full speed ahead.

Some marketing adjustments had to be made so that he could better communicate his message to his probate sellers during this pandemic.

For these last three months he has been diligent in his activities with his probate list.

Well, about a week and a half ago, he shared a picture with me of his first check that he was about to deposit. 

This was all from his weekly efforts and from his decision to follow through on his commitment to obtain his first probate deal.

Yes, there was a worldwide pandemic in front of him and yes there was a level of uncertainty in our market.


he was able to reach his destination because he ‘adjusted his sails.’

As a result, one guy ended up with a ton of experience, a deal, and is set up to benefit from many more.

The other guy didn’t do so well, actually scratch that he didn’t do anything at all and is still sitting scratching his head wondering when he should get started.

Some people watch things happen, 

Some people make things happen,





What Happen????

You only want to be one of those three.

To your success,

Ernie “Love Me Some Jimmy Dean“ Vargas

P.S. I highly recommend you read about Jimmy Dean’s life story, if you get a chance; it is fascinating!


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