September 30

UPDATE: Our Florida Probate Fox Team Is Safe


I finally did make it home on Wednesday from Florida. It took me over 11 hours of travel, but I landed safe and sound, very glad to be home.

I will say that the time I spent in Florida while Hurricane Ian descended upon us affected me profoundly.

Sure, part of it was the fact I had to figure out how to find a way home from Tampa while airports were shutting down, land travel options were scarce, and the situation on the ground was changing by the minute.

What really affected me, though, was the reality of the dire situation and meeting the people whose lives were about to be turned upside down. Up until this week, when I would see a natural disaster in the news, – like a tornado, hurricane, or fire – I would feel bad for the people involved and remember to include them in our family prayers.

But when you’re actually on the ground getting to know the people it’s going to affect, witnessing the chaos that proceeds the storm, and trying to escape it yourself, it becomes much more personal.

Right now people are without food, water, and homes. Much of what they worked so hard to acquire has been destroyed. But the human spirit is amazingly resilient. Floridians are a strong people who will pick themselves up and rebuild the state they love.

And I did check on my probate leads team in Florida and they thankfully are all ok.

If you are a subscriber to our probate leads monthly service for counties in Florida, please be patient. Because of this disaster, your leads delivery will be delayed as some courthouses may be closed for a bit and our court researchers need to attend to their families before going back to work.

To your success,
Ernie “Praying For Florida” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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