July 7

Visions of Cheesecake Kept Me Alive


It’s so good to be back. And even better to be able to eat real food again.

While I was out on the trail at the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch with my son Ernie Jr. and the rest of his troop, our cuisine was pretty limited.

In fact, one of the things that kept me going was talking with one of the other dads about how amazing it’s going to be to eat real food again! Today’s lunch will be my first real meal – I can’t wait!

I want to share a picture with you. It’s of me and Ernie Jr. at the peak of what the scouts call “the Tooth Of Time.”

We packed up camp and headed out at 3 am a couple of days ago so we could make it to the summit before dawn.

It wasn’t easy getting out of my comfy sleeping bag that early – especially after non-stop hiking and for a week and a half. But watching that beautiful sunrise with my son will stay with both of us forever.

As we were ascending the summit, working our way through some of the roughest terrain of the entire trip, I though about how much easier it would be to just take a helicopter ride to the top of all of these summits.

But there is no “easy button”. And even if there was, would it really be worth pressing?

The same is true in business. We always want to skip ahead to the end, but we would miss out on all of the experiences, good and bad, along the way that shapes us into what we are.

But this doesn’t mean we need to wander through the wilderness blind. If we didn’t have our guide on our Philmont hike, we would still be wandering around aimlessly in the New Mexico outback.
If you’re thinking beginning your journey into the world or probate real estate or if you’ve already been on the path for a while and would like an experienced guide to help you actually achieve your goals, I’m here to help you create the financial and personal freedom you know you deserve.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Your Probate Guide” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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