March 14

Why I Want More No’s in Real Estate

I shared with one of the guys on my team that it’s as important to remove leads from our files as it is to move them forward.

What I meant is that when we are working with a group of cold leads, we should already know that there will be a large portion of property owners that we will not end up working with.

That’s not being a pessimist or being negative in anyway but rather it’s understanding that we are looking for a specific match, and that we have a criteria that needs to meet our buying standard.

When someone is stuck on an overpriced property or they are doing all the repairs to command retail price, those are not typically sellers that we would engage with in a conversation of a fast and discounted sale.

They, however, could be a perfect candidate for a listing (and we funnel those leads out to our agents) which is why it’s important to know why you are calling and what you want out of this conversation.

I told my team member that he should be happy when he weeds out all of the unqualified prospects because that will leave him more room to focus on those whom he will be writing up an offer for.

Anyway, I created this short video for you on that topic.

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Ernie Vargas

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