March 29

Why You Need To Know Stuff You Already Know


I’ve been in meetings all week in Tampa. It’s an intimate group of some of the biggest and most influential personalities in real estate.

The golden nuggets being shared are incredible. I mean these people are sharing their most intimate secrets that are adding millions to their bottom line.

But what I got out of those meetings paled in comparison to what I got out of the conversations over coffee in the morning. After chatting over coffee each morning, I took pages upon pages of notes.

The notes I took aren’t new ideas or concepts for me. It’s stuff I’ve heard many times over the years. But they are ideas that are so easy to forget. Actions and habits that are so easy to abandon over time.

This is why I want to share some of these ideas with you over the next couple of weeks (yeah, I have that many notes!)

So here’s the first one: Knowledge is easy – behavior makes it difficult to find success.

Wanna learn probate? There is a ton of information available all over the place online for free. This is why I don’t hold back when I talk to people interested in probate or teach on a free training.

What you need is someone to hold your feet to the fire. Someone to walk with you along the journey. Someone to help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that ruin the majority of people who boldly head down the path to success. Someone to give you permission to succeed. And someone who can do all of this in relation to the most profitable niche in real estate – probate.

This is what I do.

To your success,
Ernie “Morning Coffee Golden Nuggets” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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