January 7

Will Apple Stock Crash?

Who wins in a fight, Apple or Alexa ? 

Lately Apple has been getting a lot of bad press. Just about everybody is talking about how it’s the beginning of the end for Apple. I for one have stock tied to Apple that has experienced a significant loss.

Now I am not an expert in that department and I personally don’t believe that it’s the end for Apple however Alexa is making its way into many households throughout America.

A better question is… 

Who wins in a fight, the Stocks or Real Estate? 

I’m no expert in the stock market but I CAN speak to the real estate side of the question…

And that is where my vote goes. 

In real estate, we have more control and if you learn how to buy with built-in equity; then even if the market were to experience a shift you could protect yourself from possible losses. In real estate there are so many niches to specialize in plus multiple exit strategies which equates to an abundance of options.

After 20 years, my favorite market is still probate but I want you to know that probate is more than just properties of people who have passed away. There are other lead flows that you should be aware of such as trusts, conservatorships, pre-probates, and senior citizen relocation sales.

These are some of the things that you learn through the monthly master class program that I offer. Sign up to the right to receive daily emails and learn more about the masterclass.

If you’re interested in purchasing or would like to learn more about my pre-probate, probate, or trust leads, email me and we will get your questions answered and get you set up.

To your success,

Ernie “Voting for Real Estate“ Vargas

P.S. I am the first and original Probate Leads provider in the entire country (over 20 years) so reach out to see if I have your town available for any pre-probate, trusts, or probate leads.


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