June 27

A Brit, A Spaniard, and a Mexican


This last weekend I attended a concert in Hollywood at the legendary Roxy.

The lead singer is a woman from England and the others are from Spain and Mexico.

Their music is an interesting mix of English, Spanish,and

Spanglish. And what is crazy cool is that they have such a huge fan base worldwide!

What is fascinating from a marketing and sales perspective is that they are by no means a big name band.

However they are absolutely crushing it in building a raving fan base, driving traffic to all of their live appearances, and selling out on all their merchandise.

It reminds me of how I always tell folks…there is always room for success in our business!

You see people often ask if they are too late to get into probate and of course my answer is absolutely not.

No matter how crowded any venture seems in life, it is my philosophy that if you really want it bad enough you can have it if you’re willing to work for it.

Does it seem crowded in the music industry? Absolutely!

Does it seem crowded in Real Estate? Absolutely!

But is there space for you? Absolutely!

In your probate, and inherited property business you have the opportunity to build your own:……

raving audience

-(executors, administrators, attorneys, etc…)

-sold out shows

(Closed real estate transactions every month)

-sold out merchandise

(A non stop flow of sales)

In my company, we generate a monthly steady flow of wholesaled contacts, fix and flips, and listings through our brokerage partnerships and you can too.

The method is simple. Become the celebrity to a niched group of people. In this case, it is those that are circled around the transfer of real estate wealth in the inherited property communities.

This is exactly what I teach my group each and every single month.

We go beyond probate and we go beyond one single strategy.

Whether it’s wholesaling, buying them, fixing them up, then putting them on the market, or listing them.

To your success,

Ernie “Your Probate Rock Star” Vargas

P.S. If you’d like to check out the group; google

“Jenny and the Mexicats” and their world tour


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