June 29

Are You A One Hit Wonder?


A few weeks ago I was out in Cleveland and I got a chance to stop by and visit the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

Wall-to-wall recognition of musicians who have made their mark in the industry. From Elvis Presley, all the way to the new up-and-coming artists.

There is however one section that I want to share with you, and that is the…


No matter what industry you’re in, you do not want to be under that category.

And that is especially true in real estate.

People are often shocked when they hear that I have been in this real estate business for over 20 years but that’s only because we mostly hear of all the


and the fact that so many people don’t have what I call stickability in the game.

Why is that ????

Well, for one, way too many people come in with a strong dream and vision but very few follow that through with consistent work and determination and without that, then that dream is just a day dream!

Wholesaling is one of the oldest techniques in our real estate industry but ironically many folks are just starting to talk about it today.

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This is also in response to the fact that I am tired of seeing these one-hit-wonder so called-GURUS teach a subject that they have not yet mastered and therefore leave their poor students becoming a…


To your success,

Ernie “A 20 Year+ Hit Wonder” Vargas


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