July 4

Celebration of Our Freedom Happy 4th of July


Many of us will be celebrating with our families and friends perhaps at a barbecue or even with fireworks.

But I would like to share with you that this July 4 officially marks the 243rd birthday of our great nation.

As you celebrate freedom and liberty think about how great of a gift that you have.

Liberty is the ability to exercise your freedom as you see fit in a responsible manner that takes the lives, rights, and liberty of all others in society into account.

How are you exercising your liberty?

Our time here is short and we must make the best of it for those that we care for including the community whom we serve.

My community is…”you” and the executors and administrators going through probate.

How will you make good use of your freedom as well as our nations freedom?

To your success,

Happy 4th of July!

Ernie “Thankful For My Freedom” Vargas


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