March 9

Have You Been To Little Tokyo?


California is an AWESOME place to live. And I live in the heart of it all – Los Angeles.
California is beautiful. And I love the diversity and culture here.

The other day I was with Kathy and the kids in Little Tokyo. After sharing some sushi rolls and some sake, we headed to browse through the shops.

That’s when I noticed a bunch of these strange little blue and red dolls that caught my eye.

They were short and round on the bottom. When you pushed them over, they were weighted on the bottom so they would stand right back up.

I asked the shop owner what they were called.

She said they were Okiagari-kobōshi dolls. And it turns out they are an important traditional symbol in Japanese culture. 

They represent perseverance and resilience because when they get thrown down or pushed over, they bounce right back up.

I’ve always sort of wanted an Ernie Vargas bobblehead, but now I’m thinking I’d rather have an Ernie Vargas Okiagari-kobōshi doll.

Troubles and setbacks are part of the entrepreneurial journey. It’s easy to tell someone to bounce right back, but it’s a lot harder to be the one bouncing back, especially as a solo entrepreneur.

It’s a lonely journey. And it’s easy to get discouraged and not want to bounce back up when you don’t have someone to encourage you along the way.

I’ve been there and I’ve had some wonderfully caring coaches who have helped me become the success I am today.

And the cool thing is I now get to “pay if forward” and help other real estate investors, brokers, and agents along their entrepreneurial journey.

If you ever need someone to help you bounce back up, just like an Okiagari-kobōshi doll, let me know.

Committed to your success,
Ernie “Always Bouncing Back” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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