January 2

He Dropped the Ball on Dropping the Ball


Did you stay up till midnight to ring in the new year?

The news anchors and celebrities who host the celebrations on TV have a pretty sweet gig. They get paid to party and celebrate. I mean it’s a pretty easy job. But that doesn’t mean they can’t screw it up.

I’m not a fan of Don Lemon or CNN. He couldn’t even ring in the new year correctly and he’s messed it up two years in a row!

Last year he got drunk on national television while drinking shots of tequila and insulted Ryan Seacrest. But this year he missed the countdown to midnight altogether!

Instead of paying attention to the clock and initiating the countdown, he was too busy dancing and tossing out beads. After the clock had already struck midnight, the clueless Lemon asked if everyone was ready for the countdown. Um, Don, that happened almost a minute ago…

In life, don’t be a Lemon. Be present in whatever situation you are in. Home with the kids? Be their father or mother in that moment. Alone with your spouse? Be an attentive and supportive husband or wife.

Leave work at work so you can be who you need to be at home.

And while you’re working probate real estate, don’t be a Lemon there either. You’re not there to buy or list their house. You’re there to be a friend and problem solver. Pay attention to what the family is going through so you can figure out how to best serve them.

Serve first, profit later. And the profits with probate tend to be HUGE. The best part is you get to help out people in need on a regular, consistent basis while making a very, very comfortable living.

To your success,
Ernie “Not A Lemon” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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