July 25

Ice Cold Beer and a Probate Specialist

Did you hear about the boy this past weekend who had replaced the traditional lemonade stand for a beer stand?

It was brilliant from a marketing stand point because he went against the herd.

While every kid in town was pitching, “Come get your ice cold lemonade!” This child had a totally different angle which was come get your ice cold beer.

Now this kid was completely legal as his beer was merely root beer. But this still drove the public to call the police on him. He got so much free publicity that he generated business for days!

I want us to take this incident and think about how important it is to separate ourselves from what everyone else is doing.

Are you paying attention to the real estate environment in your community?

Today we have a growing trend on our hands and that is…

Probate Foreclosures.

At this moment, the economy feels strong and the interest rates are at an all time low but never the less the average American household is still financially pinched and we are experiencing an uptick in foreclosure proceedings while in probate.


Just last week, my friend Casey called me and shared how one of his clients lost his house at the foreclosure auction.

It was such a sad story as the property had plenty of equity but unfortunately this executor contacted Casey late Friday evening and the property was due to go to sale at the beginning of the week.

Could this have been stopped???

Well, technically, yes but time was not in the executors favor and as much as Casey wanted to help, he could only do so much with the time he had available.

I’m telling you, this probate community NEEDS YOU!

There simply isn’t enough true probate specialist out there.

Most guys and gals that jump into the probate space have the same pitch as every Tom, Dick, or Harriet agent and investor.

Learn to stand apart from everyone else so that the agents, attorneys, and investors know who to turn to when there is a crisis like this on their hands.

Don’t be like the little boy standing on the corner with a great lemonade ready to be poured but no one to serve it to.

Join our community as we will go into topics such as:

⚫️ Reverse mortgages

⚫️ Probate short sales

⚫️ Emergency steps to stop a probate that is being foreclosed on

⚫️ Becoming your local attorney’s go-to-phone call on probate/foreclosures


Are you paying attention to the real estate climate in your community?

If so, I’m sure you are aware of the conversations of the uncertainty in the future of our market place.

And by no means am I trying to spread fear but rather urging you to position yourself to stand in front of the ever growing need for expertise of estates going through foreclosure.

To your success,

Ernie “Enjoying a Cold One” Vargas

P.S. Looks like things worked out pretty good for this young man.


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