October 27

It Only Took Eight Years

A few months ago, I shared about how my son, Ernie, became an Eagle Scout. Well, last week we got to celebrate Ernie and the other scouts in his troop who recently got their Eagle at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor.

As a father, it was such an emotional experience to sit there and watch my son lead the group in prayer and give a speech while thinking back to when he first got into scouting. He has grown so much over these past eight years and it fills me with so much pride and joy to see him not only step into these leadership roles but fully embrace them and thrive.

Getting up there on that stage to officially accept his Eagle Award was by no means an easy path for Ernie. But not once was there a doubt in my mind that he would make it there for three simple reasons.

1. When you paint for yourself the picture of success so clearly that you can taste it, you become THAT much more motivated to make it a reality. I saw this in Ernie. He had an unwavering belief in himself and what he wanted to achieve. He never doubted that he would make it.

2. No matter how much you want something and how fiercely you believe in your ability to get there, you are going to face obstacles on your path to success. While hunger for success will send you on the path, it is perseverance that will keep pushing you forward until you make it to the end.

Every time Ernie ran into a closed door, he got creative and found a solution. It didn’t matter if the door was shut with 15 different locks. He never gave up and always kept pushing through.

3. And finally, more important than the first two points combined, Ernie put it in God’s hands.

Honestly, these three values are invaluable and something that can and should be applied to those of us working in probate. Paint a crystal clear picture of success for yourself, persevere and push yourself to the finish line, and trust that above all else God has a plan for you.

To your success,
Ernie “God Is Good” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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