March 3

Justin in Victorville

I was on my way to Home Depot yesterday to pick some stuff up for one of my projects. In the parking lot on the way in, I bump into a young man named Justin.
Justin approached me with a huge smile on his face and asked me if I was interested in buying ceviche. 
If you’ve never heard of ceviche, it is raw shrimp cooked in lemon or lime and it’s delicious.

Justin was so enthusiastic as he described his ceviche as being the best in the entire region. He shared with me that his grandfather (who was there with him in the parking lot selling Ceviche out of the back of Justin’s car) was his inspiration. You see Justin’s grandfather had a thriving local restaurant that sadly had to shutter its doors because of the world’s current predicament.
What was so exciting for me is that even though I had just finished up lunch and wasn’t hungry in the slightest, I just could not say no to Justin because of his enthusiasm and his great attitude!
So I promised him that as soon as I came out of Home Depot he would have a sale with me.

There’s a lesson there in Justin’s enthusiasm.

Remember on Monday when I told you that business and real estate is all about enjoying what you do?
Justin obviously enjoyed telling everybody about the best ceviche in town. In fact, by the time I came out of Home Depot, I was out of luck because Justin was completely sold out!
Justin’s sales strategy for selling the ceviche out of the back of his car was simple. 
He approached everyone in his path with a friendly smile, shared his story, and provided them an opportunity to partake in the best ceviche in town.

That is exactly the kind of energy that you need in your real estate business.

I encourage you to smile and approach your prospects with the same enthusiasm that Justin had.
Committed to your success,
Ernie “With A Huge Smile” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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