February 23

Kicking in the Doors to Get the Contract?

This weekend I had the pleasure to ride along with two of my young, newer team members. T
hese two guys are pretty green to Real Estate. And what’s really funny is that they want to bust into every seller’s door and get a property under contract. 

“Hold on tough guys…” I told them.

Remember the 90’s show C.O.P.S. where the police officers would kick in the doors to get inside? That’s what they reminded me of. As they were telling me how they were going to drive over to the properties right away, I could hear the theme song “Bad Boys” in my head lol.
I’ve gotta give them credit though – they’ve been working their butts off talking to a lot of probate home sellers, and have landed a bunch of appointments.

When someone is new in this business, it’s so refreshing to see how excited they are to just get out there and talk to people. But I’ve had to teach them that developing a well planned out strategy is essential to their success.

One of the key components to a successful strategy is: qualifying your appointments! In other words, don’t go out and see the house because someone said “come on over.” 

Your time is worth money! It’s not an unlimited resource. You need to make sure that you use that time to work with sellers who are most likely to convert into a sale, no matter how new or green you are.
We drove from one property to another and walked and talked to multiple properties owners.

The boys did good – they ended up writing up a few offers and putting one under contract, and as of today they have already wholesaled it.
So remember, don’t sell yourself short – apply your time to you most profitable activities!
Committed to your success,
Ernie “The Tamer Of Unbridled Enthusiasm” Vargas | The Probate Fox


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