May 4

Mojave Desert Sand Dunes


I went camping with my son’s Boy Scout group. It was a great weekend. We got to do some local hiking and campfires but what was really awesome was a particular trip to the sand dunes.

It was literally a mountain made out of sand and the entire hike from beginning to mountaintop was all sand as it was the desert.

At first, it was fun and there were many people at the very bottom of the mountain where everybody began but as I continued on this travel the more lonely, it became as people gave up and went back home. Understandably so I could really begin to feel the pain in my legs and upper thighs. Some of the stronger boys moved ahead, some of the other boys slowly progressed, and then some of the other boys were at the very end but still moving forward.

Since I was one of the dads leading these boys I stayed behind with some of them as they needed to take their time to make it to the top. As we were walking, some of them would tell me how they were in pain and how they wanted to quit. They would also compare themselves to the boys that were in way ahead but I reminded them that there is no race to get to the top or to be the first to arrive but rather the race is only with ourselves. What really matters is that we stick with it and get to the top in our own time. We can stop to rest and get some air but we will keep on going until we reach the top. Some of these boys responded by sharing that they had never done anything like this before and how they felt they were not very strong. 

Obviously these boys were very capable and strong as any of the other boys but it’s amazing how we talk ourselves out of success. One of the boys said I’ve done enough I feel that this is already a success. I responded by affirming that it is a success but his goal from the beginning was to make it to the top and there is no reason for him not to reach that goal. It reminds me how we all need a voice of encouragement in our corner, a coach.

This past week I had a new student come through my real estate program and one of the items in my initial coaching sheet is for the student to list his or her support group. This student shared with me that he has absolutely nobody in his support group.  He said that the only individual in his support group is me! I ask this question because I know that the walk to real estate entrepreneurship can be a tough one. It’s so important to have that voice that reminds you that you can do it and to keep going!

Sometimes what takes us out of the game is that we see how well the other person seems to be doing and we tend to compare ourselves. We compare our results with theirs and that’s a big mistake. There is no need for you to compare yourself to anybody else. You are your own person. When the boys on the hike mentioned that there were other Boy Scouts that were way ahead, it created this idea of inferiority in their head and that is just a false idea that we need to let go of immediately because that false idea will hold us back from being able to move forward. 

 Once we got past the halfway point, it’s like something special clicked in them. It was that they had come so far already and they could recognize that. Yes, we were absolutely in pain but there is no way that we would be defeated having come this far to turn back now. 

As we got closer to the top, there was a man and a woman heading down. They had noticed our group of kids and told us how we were almost there.  They told us how it was so worth it once we got to the top and that it would be amazing. These words of encouragement made us smile. I believe that as we get closer to the top of our real estate career, we will also be encouraged with folks that share some light on our day.

Now here we were on the last stretch and I found this last stretch to be the absolute hardest part of this hike. In fact, it was such a steep incline at this point that the only way to get to the top was to hike on all fours. What made it more difficult was that with every hike forward a ton of sand would slide down. Sometimes in business that too is how it is. In your last stretch to make it to the top you encounter unexpected difficulties, but let me remind you that those are just temporary and all the more reason why you should push to get to the top.

Finally, we made it to the top and the only thing at this point that would help an individual get to the top was your own will and determination, as each person was really on his own trying to get himself up that steep sandy hill and climb as fast as he could.

As soon as we reached the top, we immediately threw ourselves on our backs out of happiness and exhaustion. But then we looked up and realized the hike was not over yet there was still an additional stretch that we had to hike. Luckily this time all we had to do was just take one step in front of the other. Yes, it was exhausting at this point but we could see the top and we slowly got ourselves up. What was so beautiful is that as we got closer all the other boys that had already made it to the top were cheering us on! My boys felt so encouraged, and so happy and proud of themselves to be part of this group. We finally made it to the top and celebrated!

Our group of Boy Scouts were the only people at the top of this mountain. It was absolutely all ours. I’ve heard the words before, that it’s crowded at the bottom and lonely at the top in business success. That was absolutely the case here as well. It took a lot of hard work and it took a lot of time to get up there but the taste of victory and the satisfaction to know that we had conquered it ourself was a one of a kind experience.

My boys that had a bit of a challenge were screaming and crying out of happiness as they shared how they never thought that they could do something like this in their life and they felt so confident now and they really felt like they could do many more things they now realize that they have the power to do so much in life and how they should not allow others or their own self doubts stop them. 

This is how I have found my walk in real estate to be. I remember the day I went to my first seminar and how there were hundreds and hundreds of people there. But after I got my first house how none of those people were there anymore, as most had already quit. The ones I stayed in touch with thought I was a bit strange since I continue to push forward. And just like the hike along the way, I had words of encouragement from people I met through seminars who also had my same interest in getting to the top. Was it hard ? Absolutely! Did I ever want to give up? Yes! Have I reached the top of my mountain? I feel I have reached a peak but there are so many more to climb. That is a good thing because the opportunities are there as long as I choose to go after them!

I wish you the best in your climb to the top of your mountain. 


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