September 14

I Just Had to Tell the Seller No

I am out here in Chicago for my business and I was getting ready to go out for dinner with some of my entrepreneur family when I got a call from my apprentice Brandon.

He called me to inform me that a particular seller that he has been diligently following up with, just called him back.  Now he’s excited because I always drive home the point that follow up is king in this business.  And if you do enough follow up, you will find more sellers that will be ready to do business with you.

Now my apprentice, Brandon, is a great student and he wants nothing more than to prove how hard he’s worked at following through but unfortunately in this case, I had to put the brakes on this purchase.  You see, after calling the seller, I found out that he is trying to get to a certain price and he’s willing to cut his agent out to do it.  That is not a person I want to do business with for two reasons, one I believe in integrity and two, if he’s willing to be shady with his agent why wouldn’t he be willing to do the same with me.

Anyways, dinner was great. We stopped of in a place called Kameya for sushi, sake, and ramen. I love small places with great food.  I’ll be back here in December so if you have any great recommendations for places to eat, please shoot me an email.


Sushi, Sake, Ramen, and Great Company


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